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Sketch WriterIs your child experiencing difficulty with:

  • Handwriting and letter formation?
  • Sentence structure?
  • Paragraphing?
  • Report writing?
  • Essays?
  • Organization of ideas?
  • Using effective vocabulary?

The Writing Studio offers a broad range of services that teach the art of writing. The Claremont Writing Mastery Programs© reinforce basic skills and provide advanced instruction to proficient writers. Grammar Tune-Ups© are one-day workshops that clear up misconceptions, bad habits and refresh memory. Students and adults learn how to reach their full potential in our Creative Writing programs (for more information click here). All courses provide the student with a certificate upon completion.

After-school Programs

Better Handwriting
For students in elementary grades we offer complete handwriting programs for printing and cursive letter formation. Enjoyable multisensory activities, direct instruction and drill help students build beautiful handwriting, which will make them proud.

Writing Mastery I: Steps to Better Writing© - For students Gr. 4 - 6
Students will acquire:

  • sentence structure techniques
  • vocabulary enrichment
  • organization strategies
  • paragraphing skills

Writing Mastery II: Better Essays and Reports© - For students Gr. 7 - 12+
Students will learn:

  • strategies to develop introduction, body and conclusion
  • strategies to improve thesis development, coherence and unity
  • a step-by-step method for outlining and drafting
  • editing and proofreading

Course is offered at Intermediate and Advanced levels

Sketch WriterWriting Mastery III: Creative Writing© - For all aspiring authors.

Learn how to create unique plots, characters and settings using the 20 Master Plots Program© and PlotGenie©. You will discover how to research your characters and where to look for original ideas so that your writing will have depth, insight and credibility.

Writers will engage in many thought-provoking activities and have the opportunity to explore their talents.

Grammar Tune-Ups© - For Students Gr. 3 - 12
These intensive half-day courses use enjoyable hands-on activities and written practice to help students acquire fluency in:

  • punctuation
  • grammar
  • correct sentence formation

Course is offered at 3 levels: Beginner: Gr. 3–6; Intermediate: Gr. 7–9; Advanced: Gr. 10-12


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