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Orton-Gillingham: Practical Linguistics Therapy is a methodology that teaches students to explore and think about the language they use. The student comes to understand that the language they need to read and write can be conquered. By revealing the underlying logical and linguistic patterns of English, the student learns to decipher the code. This therapeutic approach is suitable for all students of English: kindergarten, grade 1, ESL, ELL, and those with language-learning challenges.

A large variety of teaching methods are employed. Multisensory methods create neural networks linking three modalities: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Direct instruction delivers knowledge of spelling rules, the alphabet principle, morphology and phonics. Guided Discovery helps engage and motivate, and students learn to “own” the information and personalize their understanding.

The curriculum is:
• Logical
• Cumulative
• Sequential
• Therapeutic
• Differentiated

O.G. Practical Linguistics Therapy provides a comprehensive understanding of the structure of the English language. The curriculum covers English orthography, phonology, spelling rules, sentence structure, syntax, vocabulary acquisition, passage comprehension, reading and writing fluency. The methodology addresses cognitive processes, including, auditory and visual discrimination, memory, and processing. Lesson plans are structured to incorporate occupational and eye tracking therapy where needed. This therapeutic linguistic approach may be applied in a classroom, small group or one-on-one setting.

O.G. Practical Linguistics is a comprehensive therapeutic model unsurpassed in the breadth and depth of its remedial reach.

Toronto Star Feature

Discovering Sanctuary for Unique Learners (first published in the Toronto Star, Feb 18, 2017).

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