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Advanced Canadian accreditation is now available in the Orton-Gillingham Approach through The Canadian Dyslexia Society, Inc. In convenient one-day seminars, trainees will learn how to apply this approach and why it is considered the most effective remediation for students with dyslexia.

The course focuses on evidence-based remediation for students with dyslexia using a structured, systematic approach that motivates and encourages pupils to improve their reading and writing skills.

Orton-Gillingham: Practical Linguistics©, Part 1 

Who can attend: Educators, parents, professionals involved in education
Length of course: Eight Tuesday evenings, from 4pm to 7:30pm and Saturday March 3rd
Dates: Winter 2018 - Jan 9th - Mar 6th 
Location: Claremont School, C-1, 310 Danforth Avenue, Toronto M4K 1N6
Cost: $950, 10% discount for groups of 4+

Orton-Gillingham: Practical Linguistics©, Part 2 

Who can attend: Educators, parents, professionals involved in education
Length of course: Eight days and one full day Tuesday March 27th
Dates: Winter 2018 - Starting March 27th and following eight Tuesdays from April 3rd
Location: Claremont School, C-1, 310 Danforth Avenue, Toronto M4K 1N6
Cost: $950, 10% discount for groups of 4+

Part 1 & 2 $1800 

Practicum available at Claremont for a limited number of trainees.

Summer Institute 2018 

Part 1: TBA
Part 2: TBA

Cost for Part 1: $950
Cost for Part 2: $950
Cost for Part 1 & 2: $1800

Orton-Gillingham: Practical Linguistics©: Part 3

This course focusses on morphology, linguistics, expository and narrative writing, syntax and grammar, vocabulary acquisition, language across the curriculum, particularly mathematics. Assessment and therapy options for a range of learning disabilities will be addressed, emphasizing the distinctions between them.

Who can attend: Teachers, O-G Practitioners, Speech-Language Pathologists
Length of course: 60-hour course work delivered in 8 full-day seminars
Dates: Summer Institute dates to be arranged
Location: Claremont School, C-1, 310 Danforth Avenue, Toronto M4K 1N6
Cost: $1,200, 10% discount for groups of 4+

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Orton-Gillingham Teacher Certificate issued by The Canadian Dyslexia Society (CDS) on completion of Parts 1 and 2, assignments, 100-hour practicum and readings.

Certificate in Practical Linguistics Therapy© issued by The Canadian Dyslexia Society (CDS) on completion of Parts 1, 2, & 3, and additional 3-day seminar; 300-hour practicum, assignments and readings.

Orton-Gillingham Teaching Certificate (CDS) training exceeds Associate Level Training required by The Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.  All trainees may apply to the Academy for Associate Level Membership, but reading requirements may differ. See for further course and reading guidelines.

Practicum Payment Options



Part 1 is a prerequisite for Part 2

Part 2 is a prerequisite for Part 3

All courses are open to parents, educators, administrators and therapists

Certification requires university degree or equivalent


If you wish to register please !--complete the online registration form or--> download, print, and fill in the correct registration form below:

Click here to download the Registration Form for Orton-Gillingham: Practical Linguistics© Certificate Course

Payment can be completed by Paypal or mailed in with your registration form. Cheques/money orders must state your name and session for which you are registering.

Please click the "Pay Now" button below to complete payment online (registration form must be mailed):

Class Options


Great Word House Lesson Planner

The Great Word House™ program is an interactive teaching tool for Kindergarten, Elementary, ESL, ELL, Orton-Gillingham/M-SL and homeschool teachers. Anglo Saxon Lesson Plans build foundational literacy skills. Latin and Greek Morphology Lesson Plans build comprehension and prepare students for High School, SAT's and entrance exams to college/university. Use this powerhouse to create lesson plans for any grade level, class or individual student. Teacher Training is included! The Great Word House™ team will provide on-site Teacher Training and our program will deliver quality controlled lesson plans, saving time for teachers and supervisors. For more information, visit

Kindergarten-Grade 1: $295
Anglo-Saxon: $595
Latin/Greek Morphology: $595
Complete: $950

Planner Option


*Group Discounts: Please contact the Claremont School directly at 416-778-6336 to register. 

Location: 310 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, M4K 1N6
* * * Ask about our Outreach Program * * *
Instructor: Evelyn Reiss B.Sc, B.Ed., M.A., OCT
Fellow/Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators


Claremont School is expanding!

Applications are invited for dedicated, well-qualified teachers who have a deep understanding of dyslexia and are passionate about helping this student community. Please send your resume to: The Principal, The Claremont School, C-1, 310 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 1N6 or e-mail us

Toronto Star Feature

Discovering Sanctuary for Unique Learners (first published in the Toronto Star, Feb 18, 2017).

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